– Don’t want the Junk!

BreakTheChain.orgHere’s a site whose agenda there is no way to oppose: they are out there and determined to stop junk from overflowing our email boxes. A slightly titanic job, I know, but at least they are doing something about it, other than deleting the stuff once you’ve received it. is against the kind of chain letters that present dubious health/science information, virus warnings, signature collection activism, and the like. What it does is to compile chain letters submitted by users and by the site’s webmaster and research on the facts those emails state, with demolishing results. The idea is that individuals not only get informed, but that they let know the people that sent the chain to them on the hard facts that discredit the claims of the chain letter, and thus help educate people. On the site’s homepage users will find comment on the most recent crap that’s to be found in the internet, plus news clippings that deal with them.