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BratzPetz.comIf you haven’t heard of Bratz, you must live on another planet. These popular dolls that are characterized by large heads and huge eyes are the all about fashion and being hip.


They’ve been around for some time now but none of them had any furry friends. Now that’s all changed. Bratz Petz are the latest addition to the collection and they’re just as fashion forward as the original girls. These furry companions love to dress up and strut their stuff just like any celebrity pet does. On the website you’ll see just what each of the Bratz Catz, Foxz, and Dogz are all about. The site features all sorts of interactive play, downloads, pictures, and of course character descriptions so you can get to know each of their sassy personalities, and their unique sense of style. If you loved the Bratz, you’ll love the Petz so visit the website and take a look at the products available.


Author : Charly Zaks

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