search cancel – Personal Professional Branding for Students’s mission is to provide the opportunity for students to create an online web presence that shows them in the best light possible and articulates their unique value to employers. offers the ability to manage a customizable web identity that supports multimedia and maintains a high level of professionalism. Utilizing the web editor, customers can use text, images and video to manage their online professional web identity.

The Brand Management Dashboard allows users to track their position on search engines and provides tools to improve their rank. differentiates itself from other web design companies in three different ways.

1. Customization – Users have complete control over the content of their site via a “What You See Is What You Get” browser editor.

2. Multimedia – Users can upload text, images, audio video files, and embed them directly into their pages.

3. Professionalism – Users secure their own domain name, such as, in order to be displayed in Google searches and establish credibility online.


Author : Charly Zaks

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