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BountyStorms.comBountyStorms can be defined as a ‘market for ideas’ This is a brainstorming site where good ideas earn real rewards. It all starts when a brainstorm is created with a bounty, which is between $5 and $500 dollars.


The bounty is the financial incentive for Bounty Stormers (as we call our community members) to come and suggest great ideas.

The Brainstorming process last 12 hours and then there is a voting process that also takes 12 more hours. After that period of time, the most voted ideas are awarded. This is a very simple process, where many people can participate.

By getting access to this solution, you will have an army of brainstormes helping you brainstorm on names, brands, domain names or whatever other ideas you need help with. The best thing about this is the fact that you will get that name or idea you where about to find for a long time, in just 24 hours.

For brainstormers and other creative types, this is a very interesting way to put your genius to work and earn some extra money.


Author : Bill Webb

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