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What is a Bot? A bot is a software tool for digging through data. You give a bot directions and it brings back answers. The word is a short for robot. On the web, robots have taken on a new form of life. Robot-like software is the perfect way to perform the methodical searches needed to find information. BotSpot classifies Bots and intelligent agents by subject. Most of the bots you will find discussed at BotSpot can be downloaded and used on your computer; some require a fee for permanent registration. Others are completely free. You can browse the bot you want by category. You can search, download, or tracking bots. There are surf bots, shopping bots, artificial bots, web development bots, games bots, and much more. You can use either Windows or Mac. If you subscribe to the website newsletter you will receive every two weeks the newsletter with an in-depth look at one bot, and details of the latest bots and books.


Author : Pat Gregson

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