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Botego.comIf you have a company and you use Botégo, you will be able to replace your live support system, and FAQ pages with intelligent virtual assistants. This is going to be obviously convenient for you to save money and time.


This service gives you and automate e-mail support with content-sensitive auto-responders.

In this way you will get the response time of your call center agents reduced with a knowledgebase tool. In addition to this, the system creates virtual characters, offering customers an enjoyable experience.

There is an increasing number of companies that are already using the Internet as a customer-service channel. In this way they are able to offer text chat with both automated responses and real-life agents. These virtual service representatives basically serve as phone call avoidance.

Botégo’s virtual rep is a server-side program that functions like the frequently asked question page on the web site, but it also serves as a tour guide for the site. This tool simulates a text chat session with a live agent, with page-push or co-browsing capability (controlling the browser). If you need to get these services and improve your company’s performance, this is the online resource you should take a look at.


Author : Liam Gray

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