search cancel One Book At A Time One Book At A TimeBookDibs is a free book listing service directed to college students who are looking for cheaper and high quality books.


Now students can search for textbooks either at their town or neighborhood, or at their College’s campus.

This service is available within every US or Canadian college.

BookDibs is a very convenient solution for college students. One of the most important things about BookDibs is that it helps them to save money, reducing the annoying credit card debt they slowly accumulate when buying expensive books.

The good thing about using is the fact that that it eliminates third party merchants and bookstores. In this way you will be able to sell your books to other students like you, as well as to make more money than if you would do this through the standard system.

Additionally, gives you the opportunity of getting your books listed for future sales. Consequently, students who know which are the classes they are going to take next semester can call ‘Dibs’ on your book, locking in a solid price.

By acquiring your books from other fellow college students, you can make sure you are getting better deals than what you would get from expensive campus bookstores. This fast growing model has already doubled the number of users in just 2 weeks.

Now you do not have to spend more money at the bookstores or any other commission-based online marketplaces. One Book At A Time


Author : Liam Gray

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