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Bonsai-bci.comAre you interested in planting? Are you always gardening at home? Do you love getting you hands in the dirt and planting trees on the weekends and holidays? If you’re a true plant and tree lover and you haven’t ventured into the magical world of the Bonsai then it’s time you did now. Bonsai-bci.


com is the official website of the Bonsai Club International, an organization that advances the ancient and living art of the Bonsai tree. The website is also dedicated to promoting international friendship and solidify world relationships through the many individuals and organizations that provide information and offer other services related to the Bonsai trees. On you will be able to find heaps of interesting information that you didn’t know on the incredible Bonsai tree and for those who already own a Bonsai tree, the website will provide useful information on how to keep care of the tree. To learn more on the Bonsai, log on to now.


Author : Caroline Bright

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