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Bombingscience.comIf you like doing graffiti and you run out of supplies, you should check out this site. At bombingscience.


com you will find all kinds of supplies. There are available tons of markers, like burner markers, paint markers, tank marker, etc. Moreover, there are spray paints, inks, and even magazines and books. At the web site you will be able to see walls that have been painted with graffiti. Furthermore, you can look and search walls by city, for example: Barcelona, Brussels, Ottawa, New York, Madrid, London, and so on. Graffiti are not only done in walls but also can be found in freights. At the web site you will have the chance to watch some popular graffiti in freights. If you like street art, you can’t miss this web site then. Visit the forum and get some tips about graffiti or watch the picture gallery with bombing pictures.


Author : Bill Webb

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