KillerStartups – Bob Rivers Rock And Roll Radio DJ

Bobrivers.comDo you like listening to rock and roll radio? If the answer is yes and you live in the Pacific north west of the United States of America then you might like to tune in to the Bob Rivers radio show on the Seattle rock station that is known as KZOK-FM. If you are not familiar with Bob Rivers and the crew that produce his show, then you might like to check out his official web site at www. This well designed web site tells its visitors all about what they can expect when they tune into his current show, the features, the past guests and the future events. The web site also gives its listeners the chance to tune into the radio show when it airs live, download podcasts to there computer, learn more about the KZOK radio station and watch multimedia videos related to the show. All this fun stuff can easily be found thanks to the good design of the menu system.

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