– Racing And Performance Products was founded in 1950s with the aim of satisfying performance enthusiast’s needs.

Some of the products they commercialize are: automatic shifters, manual shifters, torque converters, oil coolers, transpak, overhaul kits, transmission kits, race products, fuel management, shifter cables, and much more. Their dealers can be found both in Europe and USA, among other places. If you wan to know when the next race is going to take place, check out their event calendar. In addition to their common products they have been building killer cars for the past fifty years; some of them include Mitsubishi Evo, Jetta, Scion tc, etc. On the top of the webpage you will see a link containing motor sports as well as custom installations. In case you are looking for a B&M car, there is a searching engine available on their site for you to check out. And, if you want your car to be famous, send them a few pictures of your ride and wait for their reply.