search cancel – Listen to Blues for Peace“Isn’t it time people stopped fighting and learned to play 12 bar blues shuffles instead?” That is the idea backing, a Jerusalem-based site that was set up to honor the roots of blues music and promote the diffusion of this music as a means of understanding for all of those who like, play or had a role in the creation and/or making of the blues.


In this site, users will be able to listen and download mp3s of relatively unknown but very good blues musicians from around the world, so is also a great way to get to know bands and artists you’d hardly know of otherwise. At this site, users will also be able to find tabs and lyrics for some of the major blues musicians of all time, like Hendrix, Clapton, Steve Ray Vaughan and many other all time classics, so that they can go on to practice their blues and music abilities and thus promote peace around the world.


Author : Steve Dixon

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