search cancel – The Social Blog Directory you have a blog that you would lke to share with others? Do you enjoy reading blogs but don’t know where to effectively look for them? If you’re in this predicament, drop by


it and take a look at what they have for you to enjoy. is a website that allows users to import all of their blog posts via RSS or start a new blog directly on their site. The site has eight different blog categories including technology, business, science, gaming, lifestyle, entertainment, sports, and other. Whatever you want to write or read about is easy to find, just look through the categories that interest you most.

Once posts are in they can be voted on, commented on, and sorted by rating, category, or date. hopes to be a great place to find new blogs to read. The site merges loads of features from current sites and brings them to a new audience, the personal blogger. There are many blogs world wide and it is often hard to get noticed between all the corporate blogs out there, this site is trying to help bloggers come together in a space that’s just for them.


Author : Charly Zaks

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