search cancel – More Than Animations is an independent animation foundation created in Netherlands.


Their aim is to provide 3D platforms, design and develop projects. Blender’s foundation is integrated by dedicated volunteers from all over the world. From its very beginning they have had good acceptation and success that is why the founder decided to open an institute to continue with exciting projects. Some of their goals include: establish services for active users and developers, give the worldwide internet community access to 3D technology in general, etc. Their main office is located in Amsterdam. At the web site you will see many sections, such as: features and gallery, education and help, community, development, etc. Within the education section, you will find certified training, user manual, and more. If you are an animation fan, you should check out their gallery and graphics. In addition, they also have 3D movie for you to check out, like: Mindfields, Midnight snack, Penalti, Soft Boy, Kickflip, Dragonfall, etc.


Author : Bill Webb

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