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Blekko.comBlekko is a search engine with a difference. Well, it ought to. What is the point in trying to do what Google has been doing ever since The Simpsons were actually a joy to watch? Just ask all the many alternative search engines that have fallen by the wayside such as Hakia, Clusty or RedZ.

So, in which sense is Blekko different from all these search engines that have come before and failed? Well, what Blekko does is to keep a series of list of categorized sites. There are seven of these lists, and each is applied to the search queries that are inputted. That is primarily done automatically, but if for any reason you want to do it manually then that is also an option. The idea is that by applying these lists to all the searches that are inputted Blekko can reduce the amount of spam and dead links that are offered to the people actually searching anything up.

That is quite interesting, but what is even more interesting is that people can come up with their own lists. That is a clever ploy, as it will let Blekko map areas that are too technical or complex to be covered by any other means.

Yet, will that make a difference in the long run? Will such a way to search the Web prevail? Or will just Twitter and/or Facebook dominate everything in days to come? Place your bets… In Their Own Words

Slash the Web.

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a way to search the Web, it is interesting because of the role users have – they can predefine their own lists.

Some Questions About

What chances has this got of succeeding against all the services mentioned on the review?