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BlackBoxVoting.orgBlack Box Voting is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization that represents the official consumer protection group for elections. Funded by citizen’s donations, the organization considers itself as America’s election watchdog group.


It focuses on providing voters with assistance in many election-related areas, such as voting, conflicts of interest, electronic vote-tampering, and others. It has a strong commitment to make voting a valuable and patriotic characteristic of citizens. To that end, through this site it offers many useful tools to enable people to be conscious when it comes the time to vote, and to collaborate to stopping election injustices. By accessing the Get Tool Kit on the left hand side of your screen you can get for free a public service from Black Box Voting: the 2008 tool kit, a pocket guide t election protection, including the top 5 things you can do to stop election theft. Also check the site’s forum, where you can discuss and get advice about election topics.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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