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BlackAgendaReport.comThe Black Agenda Report is the journal of African American political thought and action. You will see the latest news posted at the homepage, or you can learn more by browsing the categories located at the left hand side of the homepage.


These categories are: About Us, Africa, African America, American Empire, American Life, Black Agenda, Blog, Blacks and Latinos, Black Leadership, Congressional, Black Caucus, Media, Political Economy, Presidential 2008, Our First nine Issues, The Americas, U.S. Politics, CBC Petition, Man With the Mic, There’s Nothing Like Us, and BA Radio Archive. Black Agenda Report is the only progressive black journalistic publication that presents a consistent political vision on the burning issues of the day with the explicit purpose of building a movement for social change. Their mission and practice is unique: to challenge the vestiges of ghettoized, Jim Crow politics in Black America so that African Americans can stand tall as full and active citizens of the world; to measure politicians of all races by the progressive standards of the historical Black Political Consensus; and to create the conditions for the emergence of new and stronger Black institutions for struggle.


Author : Pat Gregson

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