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Black and White Photo Art.

I specialize in Hand Tinting Black and White Photos the “Classic way”. I use my own 2 Zone Technique to create my Photo Art.Never computer aided in any way.


I can produce works of Art from any old and forgotten Black and White or Color negative. I have over 50,000 Color Negatives

with Color Photos that I am currently converting into Black and White Photo Art. My Photo Art is original and signed. I have been in the field over 26 years.

Why Black and White Photo Art. It Might Be A Killer

The Digital Age is here to stay. I often wonder what happen to all of the negatives from the past ? Are they being Archived in a shoe box ? Or even better most of them have been thrown away. My process can bring back to life any old Color or Black and White negative the Classic way. I then scan them into my computer. I can do magic in my Dark room that even the best soft ware can’t compete. The computer allows any one with a little knowledge to produce works of Art. The question I have is can we reinvent the wheel ? The answer is no. Analog Photo Art is like comparing apples to oranges. They are developing new soft ware daily that are user friendly even for the average lay man.


Author : Fred Inman

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