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BizgigConnect.comIf you are a part of either the entertainment or new media industry, or if your objective is to become one, visiting this site will certainly not go amiss. In principle, Bizgig Connect is an e-recruiting company which focuses on such industries.


Its aim is to help recruiters save time and resources when it comes to identifying suitable candidates, while it also hopes to help those who are seeking for a job to connect with either their first internship or to the next career step which comes right after that.

In addition to providing job seekers all over the United States with a plethora of job listings to choose from, career advice and other industry resources are likewise provided for users to have a more competitive edge in such a wide market.

When all is said and done, BizGig Connect aims to become the spot in which job seekers can learn about the newest and most diverse opportunities in the market, whereas recruiters can have a ready opportunity to find talent of every denomination – new, seasoned, qualified… There is something for everybody right here. In Their Own Words

“Bizgig connect, LLC is an emerging e recruiting service focusing on serving the Entertainment/New Media industries in North America. It is a place where job seekers can learn about the newest, diverse opportunities in the market and recruiters can find new, seasoned, and diverse talent.

With 96% of Fortune 500 companies using e recruiting services, and only a handful of e recruiting companies focusing on filling positions in the Entertainment/New Media industries, we are confident that we can provide a focused and quality service that will allow for continually connecting ideal matches.

In addition, we offer advertising space that is intended for advertisers to connect with a targeted audience and at the same time, have our viewership exposed to products that are of interest to them.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The industries Bizgig Connect caters for are industries in which leaving a mark is difficult by definition. That alone makes it worth a definitive try.

Some Questions About

What information must you furnish in order to create an account? Is it free both for job seekers and those who hire?


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