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BigSpud.comMany families based their nutritional diet in potatoes. Potatoes are rich in nutrients and enhanced in glucose.


Since ancient times potato has been a very important part in people’s meals. They can be either the main dish or a side dish for meet and other veggies. If you were looking for a site full of potatoes recipes, you won’t have to look no more. At there are tons of recipes for you to choose from. On the main page of the web site there are several categories, such as: baked, boiled, bread, candy, casserole, crockpot, deep fried and chips, general, griddle, grill, mashed, oven fries, pancakes, roasted, salad, soups, etc. Within the baked section you will see baked potato blues, crisp skins on baked potatoes, double baked mashed potatoes, etc. At the deep fried and chips link there are the famous French fries, Japanese potato blobs, oily fries, and many more.


Author : Bill Webb

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