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Bigola.comBigola is a new portal that will enable you to combine the results from Twitter, Youtube, Digg, Friendfeed and Technorati when executing a single search. That is, you supply the query that represents your interests and then proceed to filter the results by clicking on the corresponding logo from the ones grouped on the right-hand side of the screen, underneath the “Filter by site” banner.


In this way, you can jump from results within one site to the other and have a very good overview of the way things are shaping up socially. If you have just launched a product, for example, you will be able to realize the impact it is having so far and take any corrective measures that might be necessary while there is still time.

Social media is not huge – it is actually immense, and it escalates by the second. Tools to discover who is talking about what, and find exactly the kind of talk that is taking place have a definitive niche. If you have never tried one, Bigola could be a good place to get into the swing of things. In Their Own Words

“By using the Bigola search you can combine the results from Twitter, Digg, Youtube, Friendfeed and Technorati.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It lets you access multiple search results in one fell swoop, and in an intuitive way at that.

Some Questions About

Is a bookmarklet provided?


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