– Corporate Instant Messenger

BigAntSoft.comBigAntSoft is a software company dedicated to the development of an efficient and convenient instant messenger, live chat application. BigAnt Corporate Instant Messenger is a smart and innovative IM solution which combines instant messaging, live chat and document management all in one solution.

With BigAnt IM you can enjoy the general instant messaging functions such as sending instant or offline messages, transferring files and folders, voice and video call, remote desktop capture, and much more to boost communication efficiency.

The built-in creative document management module enables each user to store and manage documents through the same IM dashboard with an easy switch. With this system you can electronically view, download, copy, paste, send, forward, and subscribe business documents and personal documents with ease.

BigAnt Live Chat is a value-added feature of BigAnt Messenger which allows you to host a web-based instant messaging system between your website visitors and a help desk on your own website in 15 minutes, providing your customers with the support they need.