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BibleProphesy.OrgBibleProphesy.Org is a website that provides information about Jason Hommel’s Bible Prophecy Study on the Pre Tribulation Rapture.


It is focus on teaching the pre-tribulation rapture from the Bible, the Wedding, and the Feast of Trumpets. The rapture is the event described in 1 Thessalonians 4 and 1 Corinthians 15; it is when Christians will be “caught up” to heaven, and changed to immortality. These two passages are often read at Christian funerals, because they address the topic of death and the Christian hope of immortality, and they give hope and comfort to believers. Most of the debate on the rapture centers on the timing, and most of the rest of the article will focus on the timing. Hommel believes that the key question is “When will the rapture happen in relation to the tribulation: before, in the middle, towards the end, or after?” There are as many different views as there are people, but most views on the timing of the rapture can be classified as one of those basic four. To learn more about his prophesy just click on the links provided at the homepage. BibleProphesy.Org


Author : Pat Gregson

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