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Beer-Universe.comBeer Universe’s goal is to provide the users with one of the most comprehensive beer database on the web. On this online resource you will find complete profiles, in addition to user’s reviews and contact information, as well as access to a Beer of the Week program, and a Universal Store made up of the best beer related products available on the web.


Through these offerings, the company gives you the opportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of new brands in order to get greater knowledge about your favorites. In this way the company is creating a medium to obtain more aptitude about the universe of beer. Beer Universe has the goal to bridge the gap between beer enthusiasts and the breweries responsible for bringing these great beers to the marketplace.

The Company takes social networking and combines it with tools that allow beer enthusiasts around the globe to come together in a central forum and engage each other. While there are other beer sites out there, none integrate the modern Web 2.0 technology to this level. If you are a Beer enthusiast this is going to be a great website for you to navigate through.


Author : Liam Gray

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