KillerStartups – Online Tech Humor Site“Satire for smart people; the truth for you” is the tagline of the BBSpot website. The site was started in the year 2000 by a Mr.

Brian Briggs in order to bring some humor to the World Wide Web. The user can access the various features by means of a convenient navigation menu. These include a section which goes by the name of “BBloopers” and a “Top 11” category that is devoted to far-out lists such as “Top 11 Geek Epitaphs”. In addition to that, a geek horoscopes section is featured for mirth-inducing purposes. A board (aptly named BBoard) is part of the site as well. BBSpot apparel, clothing and logo products can be procured at the featured online shop. Moreover, weekly polls can also be found online. As the site puts it, they are there to “make your voice be heard in a humorous poll that the titans of industry ignore”.

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