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BasketMakers.orgThe BasketMakers website is an informational resource that is geared towards basketmakers and basket artists alike. The site also caters for those who retail basketmaking materials and to every individual who has but a passing interest in the craft.

The website is made up of several categories that as a whole provide an exhaustive overview on the art of basket weaving. For instance, it is possible to learn about basketmaking from various standpoints such as region, culture, technique and materials to name but four. The site also includes a calendar that lists notable basketry events such as fairs and conventions, whereas an A – Z index is provided and it can be consulted anytime simply by following the provided link. On the other hand, a section named “Fun & Games” provides some entertainment in the form of jigsaw puzzles and printable coloring pages that are basketweaving-themed. Lastly, books are recommended for those who wish to know more about basketry.

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