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Baduku.comThe people responsible for Baduku term it an “opinion engine”. That definition is appropriate since the site will let you learn the exact way that people feel about just anything, at any moment in time.


There are sites that do something similar already, of course. But Baduku’s difference lies in the fact that opinions are not merely aggregated together with no rhyme or reason. Rather, they are organized and ranked by order of consensus. This means that any search that you conduct through the site will give you an overview of the way people feel about any product or concept – the conclusions will already be drawn for you.

The way Baduku works is quite interesting too, as it does not look at long, harder-to-classify reviews but rather short individual opinions that are much easier to get to the bottom of.

Finally, it is important to highlight that through the site you can learn the current sentiment on just about anything – people, events, ideas… the site is not merely limited to products you can buy. In Their Own Words

“Baduku is an opinion engine that helps people make informed decisions or gauge public opinions about anything. Unlike other review sites that are just a collection of individual opinions presented separately, Baduku is an intelligent organization of opinions that merges the opinions of all users and ranks them by order of consensus.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you know the way people feel about just anything on the spot. And the site is not merely limited to products.

Some Questions About

How is the merging of opinions achieved from a technical point of view? What mechanisms are used?


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