KillerStartups – Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite

BadSpiderBites.comIn the very unlikely and unfortunate event that you should be wondering if a poisonous spider might have bit you, rush off for the nearest hospital without visiting this or any other site, and have a doctor figure it out for you. If you are planning to travel to some place where you know there are plentiful spiders, or maybe you live in a place where such animals are frequent, it could be a really good idea for you to learn a bit more about dangerous species of arachnids and other insects, and BadSpiderBites.

com is a great way to do it, as they will provide simple guidelines to self-teach yourself to identify different species of spiders, learn which of them are poisonous or in other ways dangerous for health, and what to do to avoid annoying the spider, or what to do in case someone gets bit by one of them. The site puts together information from different sources, but the mashup and the texts are original, and I was very happy to see that it addresses the concerns and preconcepts all of us have in regards to spiders, and clears some popular myths related to them. For instance, if you take a look at the ‘Camel Spider’ articles, you’ll find out that popular knowledge has it that this variety of arachnid screams and follows people, whereas the truth is that the poor animal can’t stand the light, and will chase the shadow of a person –who will probably be frightened thinking the spider is following her, consequently shouting— to seek refuge. I reckon presenting information this way is really great, as it builds understanding and practical knowledge taking as a starting point what people already know, as opposed to just filling in more and more information.

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