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BackwardsBush.comAre you sick of Bush? Sick of all the babble and lies George Bush has gotten away with? Do you love watching Bush on the news just so you can make a mock of him with your friends and family? Let’s face it; George W. Bush is officially the worst president of the United States ever.


If you think that Bush is the worst president you should join the official mockery website of George W. Bush. The website is called and is also the official website of the Original Bush Countdown Clock Keychain. On they allow the time Bush is in presidency to go past quickly with their great merchandise. On they have the desk clock, the ¨dumber¨ keychain, the ¨dumb¨ keychain, and other merchandise on sale. What is the Original Bush Countdown Clock Keychain? Well, it’s simple. It’s a keychain which holds a clock telling you how many days George Bush is left in office. If you would like to purchase one of these, now famous, key chains then just log onto Log on now and make fun of Bush.


Author : Caroline Bright

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