– Help With Back Taxes is a website dedicated to helping people resolve tax issues with the IRS or the State they reside in.

It is our goal to help you become tax debt free. They provide a comprehensive service built around trusted tax solutions as well as self-help articles and information. The staff is compromised of Tax Attorneys, CPAs, and debt specialists. Over 2 million Americans a year are faced with unpaid tax liabilities. The IRS and most states have a complex code which makes negotiation and tax settlement very difficult. Moreover, many Americans who try to negotiate by themselves often end up settling with the IRS or their State Revenue Department for more than then if they used a firm that specializes in back taxes. understands that IRS or State back taxes can cause undue stress and it can be a struggle finding the right tax debt resolution firm. You can speak to a tax attorney and/or CPA partners by signing up for a free no-risk consultation. This consultation will inform you of your options, and what your fees would be.