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Backfence.comA young startup that is still being put into place, Backfence aims to collect together local information spanning the whole of the US. In theory, the site will feature a searchable database that will let you look up services in your close vicinity in a time-saving manner.


This search function is still to be implemented, but the database can already be browsed location by location. This way, you can access local business listings and popular search categories in a streamlined fashion.

Moreover, whenever you visit any of the featured categories a list of related items that can interest you is provided. For instance, if you visit the “Local Florists” category you will also be able to access the “Artificial Flowers & Plants & Trees” index from the main navigation menu and so on.

It will be interesting to see how the search feature is implemented, and how much it can be refined. For the time being, you know you can resort to this site and browse through it manually should you need local information. In Their Own Words

“It’s all local.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It provides centralized access to information spanning the entire territory of the US.

Some Questions About

When will the search feature be implemented?


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