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AZnLiCiouS.comThis is a social network that was created in order to change all the conventions of a global community


This website is specially created for Desi people, in order to continue their cultural heritage. Getting married to people within the same community is still very strong in Desi communities worldwide.

www.aZnLiCiouS.CoM, gives these people the opportunity to take a real look to modern life social settings. In this way, the solution gives Desi people the chance to meet people with the same, beliefs, values and interests.

Modern times have change the way the world is looking at life, and some cultures are suffering from this. Through this website, Desi people will be able to form friendships independently of their cultural constraints.

www.aZnLiCiouS.CoM wants to raise awareness of the culture to a to some extent ignorant Britain, by bringing together the Desi culture in the largest existing online space for South Asians, encouraging them to meet, chat and play cupid online

This could be a good opportunity for you to enjoy all the benefits that being open to the modern world provide, without loosing your cultural heritage.


Author : Liam Gray

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