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AxeBcww.comAxe is a man’s deodorant line universally recognized for its aggressive marketing campaigns usually featuring poorly-clad girls in sweaty portraits where, well, they always instantly fall for the guy who’s wearing the deodorant, regardless of how unlikely his looks are of the conquest, and they have a tendency of falling in numbers, which in turn generates some rubbing and tossing of the girls between themselves. It’s just that “when girls smell new Axe with added Bom Chicka Wah Wah they find themselves losing al inhibition”. belongs to that same line of brand positioning, only they’ve managed to get a band of four women to sing, dance and strip to make that lack of inhibition roll in a song, videoclip, mobile stuff and other regalia, all of it can be viewed and downloaded from the site for free. This campaign is available throughout the world, and when first entering the site, users are requested to indicate origin from a list of five possible answers: Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Eurasia.


Author : Steve Dixon

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