Aviastar.org – Information About Helicopters

Aviastar.orgThis website was created in 1997, by an individual that is really interested in helicopters. He offers information about dozens of different helicopters and rotorcrafts from all around the world.

If you take a look at the link called “full list”, you will be able to find out all the models of helicopters that they analyze at this website. If you are interested in finding out which helicopter is bigger and which one is smaller, you can use the size comparison device that they offer at this website. You can also find out information about naming helicopters and about rotorcrafts history. This web page also offers a very complete photo gallery that can help you picture in your mind how these helicopters look like. If you want to interact with other helicopter fans, you can use the forum that they provide at this site. Everything you might need to find out about helicopters can be found at Aviastar.org. Aviastar.org