search cancel – Avatar Consultants is the official site for the Avatar Consultants company which is a software consulting firm that offers custom OEM software developments.


This company provides their services for areas such as Bridge, Router and DSLAM Design and Development; Network Protocols: TCP/IP, IPX, X.25; VPN Protocols: L2TP, PPTP, L2F, ATMP, IPSEC & IKE; IP Protocols: Telnet, DHCP, TACACS, RADIUS, SNTP, RIP, OSPF, & BGP; Link Layers: ATM, Ethernet PPPoE & PPP, SLIP, Frame Relay, Token Ring; SNMP Network Management & MIB Design; PHP & JavaScript Web Development in the LAMP environment; Drupal Content Management System Module Development; Porting of OS, Protocol Stacks, and SNMP Agents; Neural Net Design and Development; Unix/Linux Driver & Application Level Software Development; PIC Controller Software and Hardware Development; MS-DOS Software Development and others. If you want to find further information then you should check out the site’s many categories that include news, products & services, toc and feedback. So if you are seeking for consultation then at this site you will find the best information for you.


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