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AudioFormula.comAudioFormula is a customizable stock music library. The AudioFormula music format breaks audio tracks into Music, Pad, and Rhythm Layers which can be easily mixed and matched.


All layers from the same collection are musically compatible with each other; you can create custom scores with no music training. Using AudioFormula, media producers can customize background music to fit their project perfectly. Whereas other customizable stock music libraries give a user the ability to customize the sound of a single track – AudioFormula gives users the ability to seamlessly transition between genres. With AudioFormula you can go from Jazz, to Rock, to Techno, to Orchestral, and back again without missing a beat. You can also go from Techno, to Techno-Orchestral, to Orchestral-Jazz… the possibilities are endless. AudioFormula also plans to create an API for the library – facilitating interesting mashups with video creation and editing sites online.


Author : Liam Gray

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