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Atypon Link provides you full access to text content from over 30 prodigious scholarly publishers, like; the American Accounting Association, the Oxford Business Group, Australian Academic Press, Guilford Publications Inc, Walter de Gruyter and many, many more. Of course, to have this access you have to subscribe to the journal (purchased directly from the publisher-see individual journal websites for more information) or a single article purchase). Use our search engine or browse journals by publisher, title, or subject area to locate any content of your interest. By register on the site you will access to some really convenient benefits. First you’ll count with a unique user profile that will allow you to manage your current subscriptions (online access as well). Secondly, the ability to customize email alerts to receive specific notification of the topics of your main interest and special offers from Atypon Link. And last, but not least, you’ll have the ability to activate your personal or institutional online subscription. So don’t waste your time, come and register on Publishers


Author : Caroline Bright

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