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ATVscene.comATV is initials for All-terrain Vehicle, that is: four-wheel motorcycles. ATVscene.


com is an online magazine which focuses mainly on the sport and racing aspect of ATVs by presenting with news, profiles of the racers, upcoming races schedules, and also a variety of product reviews, which include anything and everything ATV-related: ATVs, videogames, magazines, apparel, etc. The site is very nicely designed and remarkably clutter-free if you compare it with similar digital publications. I was very happy to find extensive coverage of different ATV-related events, like contests and races themselves, but also conventions and fairs, which come in very handy because they provide lots of background information on what’s going on in the scene, and behind it as well. If you are looking into buying one of these vehicles, might be a good place to receive some help and expert savvy, as you can become a member of the site and join the forum to discuss your worries and doubts with other users.


Author : Steve Dixon

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