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Atlanta-Airport.comThis is the official site of the Atlanta International Airport, with a rather simple design which makes it very user friendly. This site’s main menu has all the sections clarified which provide all the information related to the airport facilities, services and more; starting from the flight information offered.


A person can track flights and in case it is specified, the fly updates will be sent to an email address you have to enter. To avoid all kind of misunderstandings they provide a list of all the prohibited items along with their respective exceptions, as well as the security procedures (i.e.: removing your shoes when passing through security checkpoints). In order to provide help to the future passenger, there is a link that redirects the visitor to a site with traveling tips. Another one of the options in the main menu is customer service, where it informs when customer service is open and provides a telephone number to call. The site also explains the different ways to get to the airport by ground and a really interesting feature it presents is a list of the different parking lots and their current status (if they are full or not). This can turn out to be extremely handy to someone who is going to pick up a friend, because they know straight where to go. On top of this, they have information about the fees and the parking services. Another interesting feature is that it offers a powerful search engine to find shops and restaurants within the airport. Last but not least the site presents the terminal layout in the form dynamic map, that when you click in any of the Concourse letters or just click the main terminal, the map zooms into that specified zone. So if you are going to land in this airport, don’t forget to check out its website!


Author : Caroline Bright

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