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The yogis of India have been known for centuries to be in tune with the cosmos. This ancient wisdom has now been made available to everyone on Astroyogi is a site based in India, offering horoscopes, star readings and live phone advice to visitors, both believers and the skeptical. has an impressive roster of astrologists on staff and available for consultation. Each one has their specialty, ranging from tarot to numerology, covering every aspect of life. Visitors may purchase a customized consultation via phone or email. The site also explores very specialized ways of learning about yourself and your future through fruit, the way you kiss, or even the beneficial effects of changing your name to better suit your inner self.

The news section on gives up to date information on the movements of the stars and planets, and their effects on us below. The astrological aspects of the lives of celebrities are also explored, as well as the influence of the stars on everyday people’s lives and actions. Well-known practitioners in the field are always available to give their interpretation and prescribe the best actions to take under any set of circumstances.

The range of services provided by is impressive. Customers may purchase career reports, an overview of the year ahead, marital and finance prospects, and information based on tarot card readings, Feng Shui and numerology, and even 2 and 5 year long-range forecasts. A selection of good luck charms and gemstones are also available for purchase in the Astroyogi store.

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Author : Paul Barker

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