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If you follow astrology or read your daily horoscope, add to your list of bookmarks. Astrologycom is the one stop resource for your daily horoscope and a wealth of other astrological information. Whether you are a deep follower of astrology or just a casual observer, you will find useful links on the website. Get a basic daily horoscope for your sign, or a more in depth analysis of what the planets and stars are pointing out for you. Under the Relationships section, read an interpretation about what the stars mean for your love life and friendships. At you can choose from forecasts for the day, week or month, or read a breakdown for the entire year. also has a section dedicated to Tarot cards and their interpretation. Tarot is a reading of the energy surrounding your sun sign, and is meant to guide you in carious aspects of life from love to work to finances. For those that follow astrology more closely or enjoy practicing it on their own, check out the Astro Shop at Here you will find a selection of intensive body connection breakdown packages you can purchase. These are meant to be a much more personalized analysis of your horoscope and its implications. Finally, check out the Astrology Blog section for a detailed description of the movements of the planets and stars each week. This section also provides descriptions about what each movement signifies. For a host of astrological resources all in one place, set your browser to

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