search cancel – Unique Products from Baby Bowls to Graffiti-Resistant Partitions is a business that creates wall panels, solid surface counters, modular vanities and other high-pressure jobs that most companies would not want to attempt. ASST enjoys having jobs that allow them to get down to work with short timelines and difficult requests. They love having a challenge and they are able to complete the job correctly while keeping their costs down. Most of their work is done in the northeastern United States, from Pennsylvania to North Carolina.


The modular vanities that ASST designs are made from a polyethylene frame and then covered with Corian. They are available in many different colors and the Corian material helps prevent the growth of mildew, fungus, and mold. The design of the vanity is unique in that it does not touch the ground and the top is removable so that cleaning is easier as well as making it easier to perform repairs for plumbing.

One of the unique items that offers is the baby bathing bowls. These are great for hospitals to have so that the baby’s first bath is a safe and comfortable one. The bowl has an area for the baby’s head and bottom to be placed and the bowls are custom made to fit into the facility’s current counter top. The bathing bowl helps nurses and health providers so they do not have to kneel down or bend.

The partition systems designed by are made of a material that is graffiti-resistant and difficult to carve into. Should someone succeed, the scratches and nicks can be sanded out to remove them. is a very unique company that you will want to be sure to check out for your next project.

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Author : Liam Gray

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