search cancel – Chicago Band is a site that details an up-and-coming band from Chicago, Illinois. The creators of the website post information about new news and shows on different pages, although it seems like it hasn’t been updated in over four years. Still, dates, times, and locations are all made available for people who are curious about seeing the group perform in the future.


In addition, provides contact information for those interested. Fans can converse with the group in multiple ways: e-mail, Myspace, and Facebook are all acceptable options to get in touch with them. also allows its fans to check out multiple high-quality music videos and concert images. Although there are only a few videos, there are dozens upon dozens of pictures to peruse. On top of this, the videos, images, and even singles from the band are available for download at no cost.

If one wants, however, they can also choose to buy the album (“You Will Changed Us” [sic]) through the site using methods such as Paypal. A few buttons and a fair variety of T-shirts are also presented and arranged for sale at low cost. Other merchandise is planned to be added later.

Finally, there is a biography section nestled away that details the band’s history. It explores the band’s humble start in Chicago in 2002 and how they dealt with multiple issues (composing, producing, getting gigs, etc.). It also talks about some of the band’s accomplishments. Prolific openings are described in-depth while other notable projects are briefly explored afterwards.

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