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There are very few sports that have garnered as much attention around the globe as surfing. There is a sense of adventure, excitement, and rebellion that is attached to this sport. People are interested in riding the waves, and want to find out more about it. The site is a great way for surfing enthusiasts, and individuals who are just drawn by the excitement of the sport to learn about it, and those who participate in this sport.


When structured competitions first began in the 1960s, the competitions mainly consisted of young guys, and young girls surfing to prove who the best surfer was. There were not a lot of sponsors, or advertising associated with the game. However as surfing competitions grew in popularity, and writing on the success of movies that were produced in the 60s that had surfing as its theme, tournaments that sponsored, and that provided large amounts of prize money began to emerge. shows how from the late 1970s until now these tournaments have been held all around the planet, and how they have produced stars in the industry.

Visitors to are able to read about the athletes that compete in the sport. You are able to not only read about their successes on the waves, no you are also able to understand a little bit about them as individuals, and what encourage them to get involved in surfing. Information is also provided at regarding the schedules, and regions where some of the major events will be held.

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Author : Siri Marshall

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