Advantage – Sales and Marketing AdvantageResearching your marketing strategies? Regardless of how big or small, simple or complex your business might be, as long as it’s retail, paying a visit to can be of great help.

This company, as per what can be read in the site, is one of the US’s largest and most influential companies to deal with traditional and massive marketing strategies for products to be sold through the most diverse sales channels: natural/specialty, convenience, drugstore/dollar, grocery/food, home center/hardware, mass/pet and even Wal-Mart. By visiting the site, users will be able to read the presentation to their services, in order to vaguely get an idea of how they do things, their capabilities and their results. You will be able to learn that the core of their marketing approach is done through teams of in-site vendors, flexible strategies, local or national, and a mix or consultancy, stats and reports generated through proprietary and licensed software. As it is quite obvious, you won’t be able to find pricing information on the site, not even a word about their honorary modality (percentage, success-conditioned, set fee), since the whole point of buying Advantage’s services is full customization. However, it seems quite clear that every potential client that wants to enquire about services will want to know about money, and that middle and small business probably won’t even make it to the enquire form if they believe that Advantage’s or any other marketing companies’ will be way out of their budget. A good way to solve this problem other companies have found is to present white papers and concrete examples of their work, because not only does that allow users to visualize the kind of work the firm does (marketing rhetoric can be unbreakable), but also to see it happening for juggernauts and startups, for monsters and fairies in the segment, and it also hints quite right about what companies can afford and not. Strangely, the people at Advantage, for all their market savvy, haven’t managed to understand this, though hopefully they’ll do. Advantage – Candle Making Techniques

CandleTech.comEver since I saw that confusing picture by the name of ‘Fight Club’, I have been slightly afraid of the whole notion of making soap at home, but having a whole decade flown before my eyes ever since, it’s high time to do something about it: soap, or candles, which is basically the same thing depending on the proportion of wax and whether you put a wicker into it or not. By visiting this site, you’ll be able to find lots of information and resources designed to help the most inexpert audiences learn the basic and the more complex secrets of making soap or candles, and starting up a business of it.

The instructions are very thorough and include images, so it’s made really easy to do your project with the help of these tutorials. Interestingly, you’ll be able to find links to eCommerce sites selling supplies and tools, and also theme/seasonal projects to boost your home décor and have some fun on the process. The site is very nicely designed, but some tags would certainly come in handy to locate interesting projects more easily.