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A German shop for sportsmen, adventurers, campers or marksmen is what you see at this website. Having a large range of products will delight you as you find item after item to your liking. A very large warehouse houses over 300,000 articles so your choices are probably already in stock. A current catalog is available and can be sent to you in the mail at your request. Online shopping is even more rapid from order to delivery and is another option at The service center for ASMC is reachable Monday through Friday each week from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.


ASMC products include hunting gear and apparel such as gloves, jackets or shirts. There are whistles, knives, flasks, grills, insulated items and disinfectants for the outdoor adventures. In addition to men’s apparel, ladies, children and military personal will find plenty of pants, sweaters, sportswear items or rain gear for themselves, as well. concerns itself with the environment, sustainability of their company and other ecologically sound practices when it comes to operating or managing their company. You can read about their plans and their successes in this theme on the website.

There are many types of hats or headgear sold at ASMC. You find army caps, berets, baseball caps, knit hats, helmets and head scarves, whatever you need. First aid supplies, cots, tents, hatchets and many more outdoor products are sold here.

ASMC sells airsoft guns, rifles and ammunition, plus, crossbows, protective masks, archery supplies and gas firing weapons as only a partial list to get the idea across. This is truly a shop busting at the seams with good things.


Author : Jason Taylor

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