search cancel – Thermal-Chemical Processing Tools is the website of European manufacturer ASM International. Founded in 1968, ASM is a global supplier of semiconductor equipment, and ranked among the top 10 semiconductor manufacturers globally. has information about the company’s history, founding, and growth, beginning in Europe and eventually expanding worldwide. You can also read about their mission statement in their mission statement link.


In the Products section, there is a wealth of information about their various products and technologies. Epsilon is the name of their single wafer epitaxy tool, with high and low temperature variants for specific uses. They also offer a product called Advance, a range of batch vertical furnaces. Applications for Advance include oxidation, anneal, amorphous silicon, and more. Pulsar ALD is ASM’s process module, for high-k gate dielectrics, and capping layers for metal gate work function tuning. also includes some useful information about their technologies, including Epitaxy, Diffusion and Oxidation, ALD, PECVD, and PEALD. While these acronyms and names may be unheard of by many people, a helpful description and brief summary of each technology can be found in their Technologies link. Epitaxy involves the deposition of silicon or silicon compounds onto the wafer. Diffusion and oxidation change the electrical characteristics of layers through the use of high temperature processes. ALD is their atomic layer deposition a controlled layer by layer process by which atomic layer accuracy can be achieved. Another of their deposition technologies is called PECVD, or plasma enhanced chemical vapor distribution. In this process, gaseous reactors are used to form a solid insulating or conducting layer on the surface of a wafer. Their PEALD technology a plasma enhanced ALD.

You can also find out more about ASM International in their newsroom, or contact them by email at their contact page, or by telephone at 602-470-5922

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Author : Bill Webb

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