search cancel – A Place to Share Online is a site dedicated to helping people pass – or waste – time. It is a collection of user forums, chatrooms and blogs with constantly updated information on news stories, funny videos and user commentary.


Visitors to may browse through all the various sections of the site at no charge. However, free membership is available for those who wish to post content or comment in the forums. The signup process is fast and easy and does not require a credit card for verification. One interesting feature of asiantown is their rating section. Males and females post pictures of themselves or others, inviting members and visitors to rate them based on appearance and hotness. The ‘Pick the Hottie’ section posts pictures of two people side by side and you can select who is ‘hotter’ by clicking on the photo of your choice. has a thriving forum community as well. There are many different topic areas ranging from science and technology to education and career choices to love relationships. There is also a general topics forum that is widely visited and contains thousands of postings that don’t fit in any of the other areas. There is a constantly-updated News section on, gathered from online sources all over the Internet. Each story is open for comment by the user community. The blog section on asiantown is a free-form space, with rants, touching stories and videos posted by individual members. All of these blog postings are open to comment as well, providing a truly interactive experience.

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Author : Charly Zaks

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