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For many years Asia has been the destination of choice for travelers from around the world. Many have been enticed by the blend of exotic foods, culture, and landscape that the countries of Asia have to offer. Since 1997 has been an invaluable resource for individuals looking to find a good deal on a comfortable place to stay while they are traveling in the Orient.


This site, offers deals, and information on more than 15,000 hotels, in more than 50 Asian-Pacific countries. Some of the countries where they operate are China, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia. uses a mixture of services in order to ensure that their customers receive the best quality service during the entirety of their vacation. Visitors to this site can read more than 1000 comments from real people who have visited some of the hotels that are listed on this site. Also when you are looking to book your place to stay, you are able to not only see the price of the place that you are considering staying at, but you are also able to read about the amenities of the room that you will be staying in and any special feature that the hotel itself has to offer.

The booking process provided by is extremely easy, and straightforward. Potential guest are able to select not only the building that they want to stay in, but also the room, its size and compare prices with other properties in the area. This website is definitely a useful tool for people who are looking at taking a trip to Asia

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Author : Paul Barker

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