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The website is a resource devoted to the production and advancement of conveyor belt science. Ashworth has the most conveyor belt patents in its industry, which centers around making cans for food processing. On, users have access to a large lot of literature that explains the history of the company and its accomplishments. Readers are also made privy to the future goals of Ashworth and how they plan to continually advance conveyor belt science for years to come. Ashworth is currently working with the baking, container, poultry and the snack industries to provide the best material handling services possible. There conveyor systems are currently used in coolers, freezers and ovens, making it an integral part of the food industry.


On, visitors are presented with all of the products and industries that Ashworth currently works with. There is a wealth of technical information that educates each user and presents them with specific information apropos to the science of the industry and how the specific products affect the manufacturing of food processing. There is also plenty of industry news available on the website as well. Users who are interested in food processing can keep tabs on all of the latest information relative to this line of work. It’s a great way to find news that has been aggregated for you so that you aren’t forced to sift through mountains of unrelated content. This resource educates the consumer on the specific changes that are happening in factories all around the world.

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Author : Bruce Turner

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